What is Cannabutter?

Welcome to Cannabutter.org. Here you will find tutorials and recipes on how to make cannabutter, sometimes called weed butter or , as well as information and recipes on making “special” treats like weed brownies.

Cannabutter” is short for cannabis butter. This is pot butter that is butter infused with THC and other cannabinoids. Cannabutter can be used to make all kinds of foods (often called “edibles” when using cannabis). The most common weed butter edible is pot brownies. You can easily use cannabutter in any food that contains butter or oil. You can use it to make just about anything. The most common foods are weed brownies and cookies. Cannabis edibles made with cannabutter can, of course, be used for both recreational and medical use. It is also considered much better for your health than inhaling smoke.

Cannabutter.org exists to provide information on making cannabutter, cannaoil, and other cannabis edibles. Tutorials, recipes and other resources can be found throughout Cannabutter.org. Follow our step-by-step cannabutter tutorial to find out how to make the best weed butter and weed brownies. Fly high!